Plugged Sinks & Drains

If you’ve been a homeowner for any length of time, you’ve most likely had to deal with the headache of a drain backup; whether it’s a kitchen sink, or a toilet, a drain backup is never a fun thing and can be a time consuming effort, if you aren’t equipped to handle it.

Kitchen drain clog removal:

“We moved into a new house and in a year we had a problem with our kitchen drain. There was clog somewhere inside the pipe. We tried to fix the problem by ourselves with no success. We used air-valve, poured acid into the drain and even removed the trap. We realized we could not get rid of the problem, so we called the professionals. We called DrainWorks after 10 pm and they quickly scheduled the appointment for the next day at a convenient time. Then the professional help arrived and removed the clot in less than 30 minutes. We would like to thank DrainWorks for saving our weekend. They are the real professionals.” Anton in Vaughan

Most commonly, people’s kitchen sinks tend to back up due to far too much food and grease being poured into the drain line. Over time, that food waste or grease can build up, and when that grease hardens, over time, it will decrease the diameter of your piping, until nothing drains at all.

Kitchen Drain Problem:

“I called DrainWorks around 3pm and they told me somebody will show up at my house between 5pm and 8pm same day. Jeremy came at 5pm, suggested an action and within 30 min the problem with my drain was fixed. Very professional guy and excellent service! The way Jeremy handled the job exceeded my expectations. I will recommend DrainWorks for anyone I know who needs plumbing services.” D.T. in Vaughan

Clogged Drain:

“Jeremy the drain technician diagnosed the problem and resolved the issue quickly. He left no mess behind and was very was professional from start to finish. I would recommend Drainworks to my friends and family anytime. Thanks Jeremy!” in Vaughan

Should this happen, you know who to call; here at DrainWorks, our drain technicians are fully equipped to address those pesky kitchen sink drains, or the toilet that seems to clog every few weeks. Better yet, they don’t work on commission. All of our technicians are salaried employees, so they’ll never try to sell you anything needlessly.