Drain Snake Rootering

A drain snake (also called a “plumbing snake” or “drain auger” is a device used to unclog drains. A drain snake is a long, flexible metal cable that can have various bits attached to the end of it. The drain snake can be powered by hand or electrically. A drain snake is rotated in a downward spiral into a drain until it reaches a clog. Once at the obstruction, the bit on the end of the cable ideally unclogs the drain using the action the bit was designed for.

There are several different types of plumbing snakes for home and commercial use as well as several different types of bits that can be put on the cable. Our technicians receive extensive training on using the proper bits and cables that are best suited for each application and every situation. The machine itself that rotates the cable comes in various sizes and strengths. One variable that distinguishes a commercial drain snake from a home-use snake is the length and diameter of the cable.

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DrainWorks® owns and uses large motor powered augers that use various sized cables. These types of machines can be dangerous and hazardous to your health if not treated with respect and handled by trained personnel. Due to the nature of these electrical machines and basements, occasionally they have to be operated in flood conditions, which can present additional hazards that again, our technicians are well trained to handle. The largest cable on our commercial grade drain snaking equipment is used for cleaning and removing clogs from main drains. These cables are of significantly larger diameter than the cables you would use for a plugged kitchen sink. The commercial drain snake has a high-powered motor that rotates the cable through sludge, tree roots and other debris much easier than smaller, home-use drain snakes. These snakes can reach a much further distance as well.

Due to the nature of this type of work, it can become messy pretty quickly. Snaking out your drain can become a splashing displeasure and health hazard, so it really is best left to well-trained technicians. Our technicians come completely equipped and ready to protect your home from mess or risk. We bring all the drop sheets, cloths and cleaning materials needed to ensure the health and safety of everyone in your home while operating these machines. We treat every homeowner and their property with the same respect and cleanliness we would expect in our own homes.

Drain clog over a weekend:

“A few weeks ago over a weekend, we developed a drain problem and everything in the house was un-usable. Based on the reviews at Home Stars, I called Drain Works to get the issue fixed up. I was quoted a time for the same afernoon. Matthew arrived on time and did a great job. He was quick and efficient in diagnosing the problem and presented all the options that were available to me. I chose to go with a straightforward snaking service and the job was done very well indeed. There was no mess and I also received an excellent education on plumbing while talking to Matt while he was doing the service! High recommended!” Pasan in Vaughan