Hydro Jetting

Snaking or Rootering punches out blockages, which creates a temporary opening in a pipe. Hydro Jetting uses high-pressure water to scrub away years of accumulated build-up on the inside walls of your pipes. There is no better way to get your pipes draining as well as the day they were installed, short of replacing them completely.

Maintain your drains with regularly scheduled hydro jettings.

DrainWorks® proudly uses US Jetting products for Hydro-Jetting services.

“After moving to our new house, 3 DAYS LATER the main drain backed up. I called 6 plumbers (DrainWorks was the last), and they were the first to respond, so I went with them. The whole experience, Jeremy coming and sticking a camera down to see what the problem was, Lou with the repair work and hydroblast – all of it was done professionally and with excellent customer service. I didn’t get another quote – couldn’t be bothered – these guys impressed me enough that I just went with them and trusted it…so far so good!”
Paul, Warden/Kingston Rd, Vaughan
“I needed a plumber to quickly assess and upgrade the water line coming into my home. Drainworks was there within a couple hours, giving a reasonable estimate and more importantly, recommending a service (hydro blasting) that would be a less intrusive option. Nice touch given that everyone else was ready to plow ahead with torpedoing a line through.Drainworks co-ordinated their work with the city, whose workers were on-site upgrading the city line. And finally, I was pleased that a Drainworks representative came by to walk me through the bill and check the job. In short, they were fabulous.”
North York customer
“ The toilet in my powder room on the main flow started leaking water. I called Drainworks immediately and arranged to have a technician come to my home. After reviewing the situation and showing me the video of the pipes extending from the house to the street, I learned that tree roots had invaded the pipes and were causing the problems. As my house was built in 1904 the vast majority of the pipes are still clay and Jeremy indicated that I will likely have to have some significant plumbing work done in time. However, he did mention that a lower cost option ($1000 vs. $8,000-$12,000) would be to Hydro flush the lines and that should provide another 2-3 years before having to revisit the much larger project of replacement. The hydro flushing was scheduled a week later. As promised, 24 hours prior to the hydro flushing I received a call informing me exactly what time I could expect the team the next day. True to form, they arrived exactly at the time indicated. I was kept in the loop about everything they were doing. They provided excellent explanations of the problems and solutions. In addition, every time they had to come in to my home they were very respectful and without being asked they wore shoe protectors. Finally, prior to leaving they ran video cable down the pipes to allow me to see the result of the hydro flush (truly excellent!).”
Debbie in Vaughan