Frozen Pipes Thawing

Thankfully, frozen pipes is only a seasonal issue. However, here in Canada, that season can last longer than most. Pipes in someone’s home can freeze when they aren’t properly insulated and when temperatures are maintained sub-zero for a few days or more in a row.

“Having just moved into a new house we were unpleasantly surprised to wake up to frozen pipes. But DrainWorks came to the rescue in a timely manner, solved the problem and even provided a quote to fix the issue permanently.
Alexa from Seaton Village (Vaughan)

Here at DrainWorks, we have several trucks equipped with technologically advanced pipe thawing units that can un-freeze your frozen pipes quickly and safely.

“Our water pipes froze a few weeks back and we called Drainworks to thaw them out. Their prompt and effective response was much appreciated as was the professionalism of the employee sent to our home. The work was done quickly, quietly and in an organized fashion. I have no concerns whatsoever about recommending DrainWorks.”
Brian B. from Riverdale are of Vaughan

Learn more about  frozen pipes, and how to avoid them from preventing and thawing tips below:

Preventing and thawing frozen water pipes

Living in the climate we do, the cold weather is certainly a reality that we all must deal with, and with the wintry weather comes the possibility of having to contend with frozen pipes in your home. There are several things that can be done to minimize the prospect of having to experience this, and in the event that the pipes do freeze, you are still armed with several options to ensure that your water flow is restored quickly and relatively easily.

To give the uninitiated a bit of a primer, the most important thing to know, is that when water freezes in your pipe it expands and potentially exerts enough pressure to split or rupture the pipe significantly by the time it thaws, causing a serious leak, and in turn, serious water damage as a result.

To minimize the chances of your pipes freezing, there are various things that can be done in your home.

  • Make sure that you’ve properly drained all outside water pipes/hose faucets using their shut off valve to bleed out water remaining in the line, look around the home, for areas where your water lines may be vulnerable due to a lack of insulation or heating such as in basements, attics, garages and crawl spaces. The water lines serving or running through these areas are definitely at risk and should be insulated to avoid this from happening.
  • For an economical option, homeowners can wrap towels around the pipes to provide insulation; however in the event that you want a more professional finish to this, there are several products on the market that can be used to help avoid the freezing of pipes, which should be handled by a plumbing professional to ensure efficiency and safety.
  • In colder weather, keep bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors open to enable the hot air to circulate more freely in the home, thereby reducing the possibility of a freeze. In instances of a real deep freeze, you can run your fixtures at a very slight trickle as the temperature of the constantly running trickle is above freezing

In the event that your pipes still freeze, you have a few different methods of dealing with the problem. The first step that should taken, is to turn off the water at the shut off valve. One of the simplest and safest ways to deal with a frozen pipe is to go at it with a hair dryer. In doing so, make sure that you open the faucet and are heating the piping working back from the piping to the frozen blockage. Another item you can try, is to use a small portable heater. Do not try to use an open flame on the frozen pipe.

In the event that these methods don’t work or you don’t feel comfortable performing them yourself, you can call any of our regional offices as we have trained professionals equipped with pipe thawing machines ready to get your water flowing again!

“My kitchen drain pipe got blocked and then frozen. Snaking the drain didn’t work at first because of the frozen section. With a little ingenuity the frozen bit was thawed so that the blockage could be cleared with the drain snake. Everything was done quickly and professionally. The DrainWorks technicians on site were great!”
Peter from The Beaches Neighbourhood in Vaughan
“We have had issues with frozen pipes in the past, but recently we forgot to drip our taps over a particularly cold night. Last time we simply waited for them to thaw on their own, but we decided to see if any professionals could help this time around. Drainworks sent a technician on the same day I called. He arrived on time, assessed the problem and within an hour we had running water again. Everything was clearly explained up front, there were no surprises and all of the employees I dealt with were courteous and professional. A great value.”
Mike from Riverdale are of Vaughan