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by LG in Vaughan
re: Overall plumbing Renovations WOW service

Outstanding service! Honestly, I have never been the type of person who would write an online review, but the service I received from Phil at DrainWorks blew me away. So much so I felt compelled to share my experience. I called the DrainWorks office on October 7th at about 9am. To my surprise I was greeted by a friendly, competent, live person. I couldn’t believe it. I have become so used to recordings I forgot how convenient it is to talk to a real person right away. The booker from the office listened to my plumbing issues and set an appointment for a licensed plumber to arrive an hour away from when I called. Amazing! The office even called me when the plumber was a half hour away so I would have some time to take my dog out before they arrived. I never felt trapped in my own home not knowing when to expect them like with so many other servicemen. I felt like DrainWorks respected my time. Finally a company that gets it! So Phil the plumber arrived on site. Clean truck, clean uniform, good manners.
He put plastic boot covers on before entering my home, so courteous! He walked around the house with me while I showed him all of my plumbing issues, which had been bothering me for so long. Why did I wait so long? I should have called DrainWorks sooner! Anyways, Phil listened to all my concerns. He never rushed me and took some time explaining all of my options and answering my questions. I felt confident that I was making the right decisions for what needed to be done in my home. Best of all, the pricing was given up front, and the price didn’t change! When Phil got set to do his work, he never had to travel farther than his fully stocked truck on my driveway to get the parts, and I had a whole new toilet supplied and installed. How convenient! I used to cringe when a tradesman left my house to get a part, always afraid they would take days to come back, or worse, never return at all. Phil proceeded to lay tarps down in every area he worked in. He always removed the plastic boot covers when leaving my house and put them back on when entering. He cleaned up after himself and left my home spotless. Cleaner then he found it! He tested all his work with me present to make sure I was satisfied; and I am! I couldn’t be happier. I know now that working with a tradesman doesn’t have to be as scary as I’ve experienced in the past. With DrainWorks I know I will get the excellent service I deserve at a cost it is worth. I will always choose DrainWorks from now on and even took some extra business cards from Phil to give to my friends. Such an amazing experience, I wish I could rate higher than 10 because this company is an 11!

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